• Candice Rose HAIR


Introducing the NEW Redken Mens haircare range ! A new look for the previously Redken for Mens range, plus many new products added to the collection. Shampoos & conditioners have been formulated with craft malt, which great benefits for the hair & scalp. The new look inspired by this new ingredient sparked the beer bottle shaped packaging & name. BREWS is a wide selection of shampoos & conditioners, pomades, gels & more specific for men.

Choosing the correct styling product for your desire look is so important or you can easily end up in a sticky, unworkable disaster. Pomades are great as they are soft, flexible & easy to apply with a variety of different finishes.

Texture - matte finish, messy

Clay - textured, messy, fine hair

Wax - sleek, high shine

Cream - low shine, smooth finish

Selecting the right shampoo & conditioner for your hair type, lifestyle & your concerns will give you the best possible results not only for your hair but your scalp also. Whether it be a deep cleanse, convenience or a refreshing scalp, theres something for everyone.

Extra clean shampoo - removing dirt, oil & product build up

3-in-1 - shampoo, conditioner & body wash

Daily shampoo & conditioner - a gentle formula for everyday use.

Mint Shampoo - stimulate & soothe scalp

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo- reducing dry, flaking scalp

For more details on the rest of the range check out Redken BREWS or visit us in salon to find the right product for you.